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You Can’t Insure, But You Can Protect

No developer appoints a builder believing they’re at risk of going under, but many have been impacted despite long standing relationships, great track records & extensive due diligence.

No matter how thorough your financial due diligence process may be;

  • point-in-time checks are only as reliable as the information available for assessment; do we really expect a distressed builder to share information that would harm their chances of winning a contract?
  • even if you can get comfortable with your builders’ current financial position, there is no ‘ongoing’ due diligence – developers are still being caught out by a deterioration in their builders’ cashflow after they’ve been appointed.

IPEX is helping developers to ‘test’ financial due diligence findings before they award the contract AND provide ‘ongoing’ protection against any future deterioration in builder cashflow.


IPEX implementation can reduce both developer & lender risk


‘‘Test’ builder due diligence outcomes to find ‘honest’ builders.

Stop payments from being used to cashflow other projects.

Validate ‘stat decs’ to confirm subcontractor payments.

Act on ‘step in’ rights before your builder goes under.

Protect funds already paid to builder in the event of insolvency.

No change to builder processes & no impact on builder payment.

$1B+ in funds protected and counting


What our customers have to say

IPEX is an online payment platform that secures funds intended for a project, protecting developers, subcontractors & suppliers in the event of builder insolvency. Whilst IPEX protects developer & sub-contractor payments, it also helps financially secure builders to validate their money management practices, differentiating their bid from competitors in the process.

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